Custom Google Form With Tailwind CSS

Custom Google Form With Tailwind CSS

Ever since I first discovered Tailwind CSS, I was in love. What CSS framework makes it so much easier to develop front-end interfaces while still looking clean and modern? Bootstrap has its pros and cons but ultimately looks a little outdated compared to Tailwind. Plus Tailwind has a ton of free component libraries to make it even faster.

One thing I have wanted to do since discovering Tailwind CSS is making a custom Google Form using Tailwind styling. This is a simple project, after all, but Tailwind brings out the beauty in the simple things. Styling a Google Form with Tailwind CSS is a great way to breathe some fire into an otherwise boring design.

While CSS alone can be used to make some really cool effects and projects, the Tailwind framework supercharges your CSS.

Check out the video below to get into building your own!

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