Best Way to Learn JavaScript

Best Way to Learn JavaScript

What is the Best Way to Learn JavaScript?

To become the best in the web development space, you will need a solid understanding of the best web development languages. When choosing a programming language to learn, javascript should be a top priority for any potential web developer. It runs on the browser’s built-in engine and adds functionality with simple commands placed inside the [script] tag in an HTML document.

After CSS and HTML, Javascript serves as the third layer of standard web technology. While HTML helps define the structure and semantics of your content and CSS helps you style and organize your content, Javascript allows you to make your content interactive.

Can I Learn JavaScript on My Own?

Yes, you can teach yourself JavaScript. Regardless of your current occupation, you can opt to study this discipline at any time. It may require a strong foundation in mathematics and some fundamental analytical skills. But you shouldn’t let any of these deter you from pursuing your ideal career. 

Additionally, as a beginner, you could have questions about the task ahead or what it’s like to move up to the intermediate or expert level. Since comprehending complicated terminology differs from person to person, figuring out your ideal learning style is essential. You can learn through videos, books, or courses, but as long as you are following in the footsteps of a competent JavaScript developer, you will be in good hands.

Many of the top JavaScript developers today found success through self-learning. When learning solo, it takes a lot of commitment and patience to grasp a complex language like JavaScript.

You can also learn JavaScript from competent JavaScript experts. They facilitate learning and give you instructions on how to stay away from common blunders. But you might have to pay heavily for this, so learning it on your own might be best if you don’t have the funds.

If you’re wondering how to learn JavaScript fast, ensure you do the following:

  • Learn the fundamentals of computer architecture, data management, and computer science basiscs.
  • Understand how programming languages function.
  • Learn how to use the command line(cmd) and become familiar with several interface development environments, such as Visual Studio.
  • Learn to become more tolerant and patient than ever before. Because computer programming can be challenging, staying motivated while learning requires perseverance, patience, and diligence.
  • Learn HTML and CSS fundamentals. You should be able to layout a basic webpage before moving on to JavaScript.

Despite the challenges, you can learn JavaScript on your own by using some of the strategies you’ll find in this article. 

Books: Best Way to Learn Javascript With Books

The conventional method of learning JavaScript is from books. You can purchase these books from an online or offline marketplace. You can even find many free ebooks and PDFs for this purpose. But now the question is, can you learn JavaScript coding entirely by reading any of these books?

Yes, you can learn Javascript and also how to integrate it with HTML and CSS from the best JavaScript books for beginners and advanced developers. There are books for beginners, which will be a terrific place to start investing in your new career if you are just entering the web development field.

As soon as you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, go on to books written for JavaScript developers with more experience. One of the reasons you should be reading these books is because they contain in-depth information about JavaScript. Without first grasping JavaScript’s fundamentals, there is no better way to understand it.

JavaScript texts are the best bet because so many of these books incorporate concepts from the very first users of this language; they contain original information you won’t find elsewhere.

Notably, ensure you complete all the exercises after reading each chapter.

Pros and Cons of Learning Javascript With Books 


  • Primarily, reading a book is a different experience. By studying JavaScript via books, you take control of your learning and become your own tutor, putting you in charge of the pace at which you advance.
  • Many concepts that are absent from blogs and online publications are easier to understand when you read books.
  • Your focus and concentration will improve while becoming less dependent as you learn JavaScript through books.
  • Top JavaScript books offer structured teaching with a clear progression and predetermined outcomes.


  • Many of these books either lack current information or only provide information without concentrating on the fundamental ideas you may need to create contemporary websites.
  • Because JavaScript books are large and might keep you busy for a long time, doing so might impair your vision.
  • Sometimes reading might be uninteresting, which can lead to learning delays.

Videos: Best Way to Learn Javascript With Free Video Tutorials 

According to studies, more than 50% of JavaScript experts today learn programming from online videos on many online platforms like YouTube. The human brain processes video content 60,000 times faster than text, which is why individuals learn better from videos. A programming student can recall 10% of lessons through text, 66% of visuals, and 95% of audio-visual content.

So if you are planning on starting a career in web development and reading this post, learning javascript with video tutorials is a great way to start. YouTube is the most popular video platform where you can easily get free handy video tutorials on what you need to be a web developer.

The materials are simple to find. And you can find thousands of resources and lessons on topics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Its shorter, crisper, and more engaging format makes it fashionable and a go-to learning method.

When learning JavaScript, you can watch and revisit a video as often as necessary to fully understand a concept. Additionally, you can pause whenever you need to take notes, mentally practice the material, or simply stop and consider the idea. This helps in creating a personalized learning experience.

Pros and Cons of Learning Javascript With Free Video Tutorials 


The fact that YouTube videos are free makes them an even more compelling method to learn JavaScript. You can obtain the information for free. This method of learning has a lot of advantages. These consist of:

  • It is convenient and available since you can learn whenever, wherever, and at your own pace.
  • Learning through video tutorials conveys a personalized learning experience.
  • You will receive instruction from experts knowledgeable in current JavaScript and new libraries.
  • This kind of instruction efficiently boosts self-learning and maintains students’ interest during lessons.
  • Video is more compelling and less expensive than other ways of learning JavaScript programming language.
  • You can learn from your laptops, tablets, or cellphones anywhere using platforms like YouTube.


  • The free YouTube tutorials you may find online alone might not be sufficient because some of them only cover a portion of JavaScript.
  • Again, not everyone who posts these videos on YouTube is an expert; many do it purely for the money that YouTube might pay them. And as a Javascript beginner, you don’t want to start learning how to program this way.
  • Although this is free, accessing them requires an internet connection, which is an additional fee.
  • YouTube has a variety of videos, so you might be tempted to watch them instead, which would be distracting.

Games: Best Way to Learn Javascript with Coding Games Online

Online code challenge games are an excellent way to learn JavaScript if you’re seeking a fun and interesting way to get the proper knowledge. The way web developers learn to code is now more lively as a result of this ground-breaking game-based learning tool.

You may learn new techniques, get through different obstacles, and sharpen your JavaScript problem-solving skills with the aid of these games. These games can teach you concepts that will improve your programming problem-solving techniques.

This is best for beginners who are only beginning to learn JavaScript and benefit most from this teaching technique. As you go through the stages, you gradually add to the foundational coding ideas you learn at the beginning. Learning about programming concepts like data types, loops, and conditionals is made very easy by doing this.

Some of these gaming websites also provide a supportive community where you may ask questions and get advice. Additionally, it links you to other aspiring programmers.

Also, resources are available to assist you if you run into trouble progressing from a particular level. Additionally, the game shows you how to create secure code and steer clear of typical security flaws.

Pros and Cons of Learning Javascript With Coding Games Online


  •  It is an entertaining and engaging way to learn the JavaScript language faster.
  • As you go through the stages, you can study at your own pace and put your skills to the test.
  • The code engine and interpreter are ideal for beginners who need JavaScript to be in a layman’s language.
  • It fosters creativity, self-assurance, and critical thinking in aspiring web developers.


  • You will need Internet service to play these games.
  • Learning could become monotonous if you fail to tackle a problem.
  • These games may cause you to rely on a particular approach to problem-solving, which is not ideal because programming requires you to comprehend different ways to tackle a problem. 

Execute Projects: The Best Way to Learn Javascript is by Building Your Own Projects!

Yes, starting and completing several projects is the best way to learn JavaScript. What will be your purpose for studying in the first place if you don’t use the skills you’ve worked so hard to acquire?

You don’t want to watch video after video on the subject and end up in tutorial hell. So, try to take some of what you learn and put it into a project.

In contrast to what you may have heard, JavaScript can be tough or easy to learn, but this will depend on how you start the learning process. At first, learning about variables, loops, functions, and Doms may seem pretty simple. However, when applying this knowledge to a single project, you might start to see why it is tough.

Begin by adding a feature to a program you made in a tutorial rather than creating a new program from scratch. By the time you’re done, you will have learned some helpful JavaScript hacks to use on an actual project.

This is best for beginners who are only beginning to learn JavaScript and benefit most from this teaching technique. As you go through the stages, you gradually add to the foundational coding ideas you learn at the beginning. Learning about programming concepts like data types, loops, and conditionals is made very easy by doing this.

Some of these gaming websites also provide a supportive community where you may ask questions and get advice. Additionally, it links you to other aspiring programmers.

Ensure you learn how to debug errors to determine what to modify or omit. But get ready for mood swings throughout this time. 

When working on a project, if you encounter code blocks, look them up online and look for answers. 70% of the time, someone else must have encountered a similar issue before, and you can benefit from their experience by studying the resolution they found.

In general, it’s vital to learn computer programming, but becoming a top web developer also requires you to show projects you have completed. And you can only accomplish this by starting from scratch on a project alone or with a collaborator. Ensure you learn the various aspects of the JS programming language; DOM manipulation, the jQuery library, algorithmic thought, and some client-side frameworks like Angular and React. 

As a beginner, you can start with the following projects:

  • A calculator using JavaScript
  • Simple Todo list apps 
  • Tic-tac-toe game
  • A 2D breakout game using pure JavaScript
  • A responsive website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


If you like to build things and solve puzzles, you won’t ever regret becoming a web developer. Besides being fun, there are so many job opportunities available. Learning JavaScript is a vital part of becoming a better web developer. Knowing enough JavaScript to construct websites from scratch will be helpful even if you don’t want to work in technology.

You can learn JavaScript by reading top books, watching online video courses from reputable professionals, playing coding JavaScript games, and creating projects. All these are tangible ways to learn JavaScript, but combining the methods listed in this article is your best bet.