The Game-Changing Tool for Web Design: AI Landing Page Generator

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The Game-Changing Tool for Web Design: AI Landing Page Generator

When you hear AI landing page generator, do you get scared for your future as a web developer? 

“Oh NO! All of my precious clients will migrate to AI and generate flawless websites with the click of a button! My career is over!”

Not to spoil the conclusion of this article, but if this is your thought, I have a pure dose of hopium to serve today. AI might take over the world, and at the same time, the web development industry. But for now, the proposition is comical.

What is an AI landing page generator?

To clear things up, I’m not talking about generating copy. Anything can generate copy at this point. You can probably use ChatGPT on your smart fridge. That’s not what we’re after. We want the whole page: colors, pictures, layout, everything.

In today’s review, we’re going to focus on free AI landing page generators. I’m sure anything is possible with enough money. But, we’re on a shoestring budget, so we’ll be avoiding sites and apps that force you to sign up for an expensive subscription before letting you do anything.

I’m not opposed to paying for software. Especially when its “as a service.” But, this is a space that free trials should exist. Even extremely limited ones. So, we won’t give the time of day to demanding apps. With that said, let’s go on a little journey.

Is there an AI landing page generator that works?

This is the question of the day. It’s a bold proposition: using AI to generate a functional page with copy, graphics, and everything. In the world of AI landing page generators, a web developer’s day looks like this:

  1. Wake up
  2. Hit “generate landing page”
  3. Hit copy
  4. Hit paste
  5. Invoice client
  6. Profit

Let’s see how far off from this utopian future we are.

Page Genie

The first AI landing page generator that caught my eye was Page Genie. In fact, it’s what inspired me to research landing page generators in more detail. And in the time since it came out, Page Genie has added a ton of cool features. They also built out an ambitious roadmap with new features to come. But for now, we’ll just look at the core features and see if it is any good.

The website and the project, in general, is a work in progress, evidenced by their pricing page not functioning (at least as of this writing), so I can’t tell if there are free and paid versions just yet. But for now, we’re going to try out the free version and see how much we can get away with before someone asks for my credit card.

The initial MVP I first saw for Page Genie several months ago has morphed into a more attractive dashboard page. As soon as you log in with your Gmail account, you’re presented with a few choices for going forward. 

Which would you like to generate from thin air? A blog post? A product page? Contact page? The idea is you don’t have to do anything, just say the word and let your robot web developer get to work.

ai landing page generator page genie

A product page sounds like the best test of this app’s capabilities. So, thats what we’re going to go with.

If you have a page you want revamped, you can input an existing URL. But, lets make something from scratch. We’ll make up a product.

For any “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fans out there, this product might sound familiar.

After waiting a minute for the page to generate, I checked out the result. And… it’s not like the first time I tried it. This sucks.

Here is a screen capture to show you the result. Not sure what this is, but those are NOT mittens.

I’m disappointed. Maybe Kitten Mittens were too abstract. But has too abstract ever been a problem for AI?

I’m going to give Page Genie one more chance with a different kind of prompt. Let’s try and make a “Contact” page and fill it in with some info. Say I’m starting a construction company and I don’t want to pay a real web developer.

Let’s hit create and see what we get!

Wait a second. Looks like Page Genie isn’t really the most functional at the moment:

Seeing it not work on a second prompt is a bummer. But I think the devs might be a little too focused on adding extras and every random thing users suggest–instead of working on the core product. I mean, just look at their anticipated integrations:

It’s ambitious! But nothing works at the moment.

Hey, building this stuff is hard! We’ll come back to this one in the future when the devs have worked out the kinks. But for now, I can’t recommend Page Genie as one of the best AI landing page generators. Are there others out there? Let’s find out!


Headlime is one that took me a while to find. In fact, it wasn’t the first result on Google, but the second. Yes, I’m getting desperate. Anyway, this one promised me that I would be wowed with its capabilities. And I could try it without handing over my credit card. I can’t complain about that, so let’s check it out.

Like Page Genie, you can sign in with Gmail (any app that doesn’t have this type of auth at this point I’m just skipping). Upon signing in, I’m a little disappointed that I have to start exercising my brain, since it isn’t exactly intuitive.. Where is the AI page generator? All I see is an AI copy generator.

I’m beginning to worry that this might be YET ANOTHER copy generator (do these guys think we don’t know how to navigate over to ChatGPT or something?).


Sorry guys. False alarm. It’s just a copy generator. AND it makes you pay to make the first click.

Apps like this won’t survive the next year. Am I hating? Yes. I feel clickbaited. But hey, at least they have my email now and forever. Can’t wait for constant marketing emails from them. Oh look, there’s one now.

(deep breath) Let’s check out the next pick.


Alrighty folks. Landingfolio is the BEST. Know how I know? They said so.

Are they the best AI landing page generator? Let’s find out.

Their site is actually well put together and everything works. And they have a ton of features. Everything works! They have obviously been doing this a little while. So, no complaints. 

And I can copy Tailwind components without even signing in? I’m a sucker for free Tailwind components, so stumbling on this little component library was nice.

But I’m getting distracted. Where is the AI landing page generator?? They distracted me with shiny things so much, it took me a minute to realize I had been duped yet again. 

Are all of these “landing page generators” just gaming SEO? Are there no ACTUAL AI landing page generators out there? Let’s go to the next one. I really want to give someone a good review today.


I saw this one on a list of best AI landing page generators… on LinkedIn. I don’t click on stuff on LinkedIn, so I gave it the ol’ Google search. And this one shows some promise! Straight to the point with a bold claim, right there on their homepage.

clear value prop as an ai landing page generator

I have my hopes up. Let’s click the big purple button!

The classic too good to be true. Remember how I said we weren’t paying for anything before trying it? I’m not taking anyone’s word for it with a “video demonstration.”

So, this one doesn’t get the trophy. 

Web developers are still safe

If you make a living developing landing pages, you have nothing to worry about yet. As of this writing, there is no AI landing page generator that is worth using. Maybe SiteKick is hiding something good beyond that $50 paywall. And maybe Page Genie just has a few kinks to work out.

So, for now, your career as a web developer is not in jeopardy. The AI space is moving fast. Next week may show us the next great AI landing page generator. We’ll have to wait and see.

Final Thoughts

We didn’t find any home runs today, but maybe we didn’t look hard enough. Do you have any hidden gems we should know about? Share your findings in the comments and it may find its way onto the list.